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Your food is real.
Your restaurant has vibes.

Why are you advertising it digitally?

Your bathroom is an asset.

Use it to introduce your business to tourists &
locals, and add a new revenue source during your off-peak hours.

We are the "Airbnb" of restaurant bathrooms.

Paying you to advertise

in-person instead digitally.

Your location is anonymous until Lulu users pay you to visit.

We help convert tourists & locals into new customers for you.

You're in control. Decide how many people we send and when.

Once your bathroom is purchased,

Lulu generates a pass

that users can show when they
walk into your venue.

Add coupons, happy hour deals,

your menu or event dates.

We literally pay you to bring new customers to your business.

Frame 20 (1).png

Our algorithm prices your bathroom

ranging from $0.99 to $4.50

You keep 65% of all bathroom profits

and 100% of any additional sales &

marketing revenue

We cater to your business:

You completely control

When we can send users
Age limitations
How many users you accept daily


Most estabilishments pay rent all week

to monetize a few hours of the day.

Use your bathroom - an empty room that currently only costs you money, to drive traffic & increase sales at all hours.

How much can we bring to your bottom line?

No contracts. No tablets. No fees.

It's absolutely free to join our growing list of restaurant partners.

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