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  • What is Lulu?
    Basically, the Lulu App is “Airbnb for restaurant bathrooms”. But we are more than that. Our goal is to make bathrooms more accessible to general consumers, while making partnered businesses more profitable. Our platform allows users to stop hunting for a bathroom and its amenities, while literally paying restaurants to advertise their establishment in person. The way your business is meant to be seen. I don’t know about you, but food mostly looks all the same on digital platforms…
  • Can anyone find my restaurant?
    Your restaurant location is anonymous until a lulu user pays you to use your bathroom. This ensures you only receive paying customers.
  • Who are you sending to my bathroom?
    Lulu users are tourists and locals that would rather pay to use the bathroom than to look for a crowded Starbucks, or pretend to be a hotel guest. Finding a bathroom when in need is a lot of walking, guessing, and awkward begging. Our app makes it easy, and also allows the users to filter based on their needs – such as handicap accessible, baby tray etc. They are no different from the variety of people that come into your establishment as customers, and in fact, we help you make them your customers with our promotional tools.
  • Does Lulu interfere with my customers?
    We do not interfere with your customers in any way. The only people that are paying for your bathroom are tourists and locals that we navigate to you via our app. There is no special lock on your bathroom, and your customers can use the bathroom the same way they do now.
  • You are in control?
    Your restaurant, your rules. You have complete control on: What time Lulu users can come How many Lulu users can come per day Age restrictions such as 21+ Have an event? No problem, pause or halt any time.
  • How much can I charge for my bathroom?
    We have five pricing tiers : $0.99, $1.50, $2.50, $3.50, $4.50 Our algorithm prices your bathroom based on a variety of factors, such as amenities, location, accessibility etc. If you want a specific bathroom price, you can contact us directly or send a request via the Lulu Host app, and we will try to accommodate. But our algorithm does a pretty good job at pricing your bathroom accurately!
  • How do I know when a user is on their way?
    Our Lulu Host app will send you a push notification when a user is on their way. But if you don’t see it, its not a problem – when they come in they have to show you their digital receipt as proof of purchase.
  • How do Lulu users become my customers?
    Once a bathroom is purchased, we generate a digital receipt that navigates our users to you. This receipt has an expiring countdown to show you proof of purchase. It also reveals your location and gives information about your bathroom. This is where we also display your promotional material, if you choose, that helps you convert them into customers free of charge. As a host, you are able to add exclusive discounts, promotions, or offers You can make those offers expire with the bathroom receipt, to incentivize purchases on the moment, or after a few days – so Lulu users that discovered your business can come back during dining hours. You can add your menu or delivery links You can also add a photo gallery of product images and events
  • Do I need a special tablet or extra technology?
    No! We do not bother you with extra tablets, extra technology, or complicated processes. Your location is anonymous until they pay you to use your bathroom, and they simply show you a digital receipt with an animated countdown timer, your establishment’s name and correct date for proof of purchase.
  • How much money do I make, are there any contracts or fees?
    All bathroom providers (Hosts) keep 65% of every bathroom purchased in their establishment, and 100% of any additional sales. There are no contracts. We pay you via a secure third-party ACH payment processor. We do require Hosts to make a minimum of $30 before they can cash out during our early stages, and there is a processing fee of 2.4% to transfer funds. Other than that, no contracts, no obligations, we cost you nothing.
  • Is Lulu only for restaurants?
    Lulu is perfect for most brick & mortar businesses such as restaurants, salons, parlors, lounges and boutiques. We tend to partner with locations that have a “bathroom for customers only” policy, with the goal of making bathrooms more accessible in a win-win situation.
  • What is the difference between Lulu and Lulu Host?
    We have two apps, Lulu and Lulu Host. Lulu is for general consumers looking to find a bathroom in their vicinity. Lulu Host is for business owners that would like to add their bathroom to our platform. The only app currently available is Lulu Host, as we are growing our host partnerships before launching to general consumers.
  • When are you launching / sending people over?
    We will be launching in 2020, as we increase our host locations and prepare for our marketing campaigns. All hosts will receive an email from us a few weeks before we launch, we will also visit each partner location to do a small demo.
  • I have more questions
    No problem! Reach out to us : We would be happy to answer any questions.

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