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About Lulu

We have all been there. Out and about when suddenly, you need a bathroom.

And so begins the hunt — a long, painful road of crowded coffee shops,
worn down gas stations, and awkward explanations to strangers.

This, while hoping for needed amenities like a baby tray, or wheelchair friendly ramps.

We were left wondering, why do we still have to hold it in?

That’s when we decided to change things.

At Lulu, our mission is to make high quality bathrooms more accessible for the needs
of all people, by making private properties open to the public for as little as $0.99.

We partner with restaurants and venues to create an affordable, easy experience that removes the stress and the guesswork you typically have to goth rough.

All while allowing private businesses to cover costs, and meet new potential customers.

With Lulu, we can finally enjoy our day without planning for a bathroom.

With Lulu, you no longer have to hold it in.


We are a diverse team based in NYC.

Our team has a strong technological background, having worked for some of the largest names in the industry.

With over six years of experience in advertising and marketing, Paolo has helped create an average of
two Superbowl commercials per year. His past works include spots for Coca Cola, GEICO, Avocados From Mexico, Playstation, Schick and many others. He also worked on the Oscar-nominated feature animated
film “The BoxTrolls”. He has led teams, created products and advised startups.

Paolo Cogliati
CEO & Founder

Board of Advisors

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