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Need a bathroom? We got you.

We partner with restaurants & lounges to offer curated bathrooms on-demand. 

We also have plenty of free public bathrooms!


The struggle is over.

No more holding it in. Long coffee shop lines. Awkward explanations. Guilty purchases.

iphone with the lulu toilet app in NYC
finding a private toilet with the Lulu app
find a toilet near me iphone app lulu

No more guessing.

Filter for the amenities you want, instead of hoping for them.

lulu app illustration of a dad changing a baby in the app
a lulu bathroom pass in the app

No words needed.

Once purchased, we generate a Lulu Pass

that navigates

Simply show the pass when you walk inside as

you to our partner.

proof of

purchase, and proceed to the


Exclusive perks.

As you discover new establishments,

many Lulu's also

come with exclusive

discounts you can use on location.

restaurant promotions inside the lulu bathroom app
iPhone X_04.png

Public restrooms made easy.

Because sometimes gas stations don't have to be your only option.

Lulu_Vic_BG (1).png

Our mission

is to make high quality bathrooms more accessible for the needs of all people, by
enabling private properties to open to the public in a sustainable way.

finding bathrooms in NYC with lulu
premium lulu toilets from the bathroom app
toilets found in new york with the lulu app

Never look for a bathroom again.

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