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Why is finding a bathroom so hard in New York City?

"Excuse me, do you know where I can find a bathroom?"

"The bathroom is for customers only."

"The toilet is out of service."

These are just a few of the things we deal with trying to find a bathroom in NYC. There's no denying it or avoiding it, finding a bathroom in New York City is hard. Whether you are a tourist or a local you've probably been in this position, you simply can't find a restroom in NYC easily.

If you are someone with a disability that needs space for a wheelchair or other amenities, or you may just need a restroom close to where you are this problem is probably affecting you way more.

The saddest part about it is that the lack of public bathrooms in NYC and America is not a new issue, in fact, it's probably one of those pains in life that we've become so used to, that now seems normal.

people asking for a public bathroom in nyc
New Yorkers protesting a lack of public bathrooms in NYC.

Here's what also happens: while there appear to be many public bathrooms available in NYC a lot of them are closed. Maybe they have an "out of service" sign or whatever reason keeps them unavailable to the public.

But is there a valid reason for NYC to not provide restrooms? We can imagine it has to do with the lack of availability for maintenance or maybe there are not enough funds to keep up with them. Regardless, the lack of public bathrooms in NYC "is an issue of equity, public health, sanitation, and basic human rights" (Rajamani, 2022).

Not having enough bathrooms harms everyone: the homeless, disabled, elderly, and others with medical conditions, and that's only the surface of the problem since having no available bathrooms also becomes a sanitation issue.

Some may rely on Starbucks or another business' bathrooms. But a lot of them are actually restricting their restroom access to customers only.

a bathroom sign for customers only
A typical sign you might find in venues, and Starbucks locations.

So what's the solution? Help people find available bathrooms. Which is exactly what Lulu does.

When you download the app it shows you every bathroom near you that's available. Along with it, there is a brief description of the bathroom and the exact location including their working hours so you feel confident that the restroom is indeed available.

Lulu app showing bathrooms in New York City
Lulu maps public toilets and private bathrooms near you. Making it easy to find the perfect toilet.

Lulu also shows you the amenities the bathroom has like a mirror, soap, baby tray, and everything else you may need.

In addition, Lulu partners with restaurants and lounges to offer you even more bathroom options. For as little as $0.99 you can use one of their bathrooms with no explanations just get the pass and use the restroom.

The lulu toilet app has a lot of features to find a bathroom
Just some of the benefits of using the Lulu app.

And if you do want to check the restaurant out, some of them offer discounts so you can get something at a better price.

Not having an available bathroom doesn't have to be the norm, download Lulu and have a restroom near you always.

Lulu app toilets in NYC
Some of the available bathrooms on the Lulu app.


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