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Flush Your Old Toilet Goodbye: Meet the Love Toilet, a Romantic and Convenient Solution for Couples

As a society, we often shy away from discussing certain topics, and one of them happens to be the use of the toilet. However, it is an essential part of our lives, and we all have to use it on a daily basis. For couples, sharing a bathroom can sometimes be a challenge, but with the invention of the Love Toilet, the experience can be a romantic and convenient one. Today we dive into the Love Toilet, and even include the original promo for you to watch!

What is a Love Toilet?

A Love Toilet is a toilet that allows couples to be together while using the bathroom. It is designed in a way that two people can sit side by side on the toilet seat, which has a built-in divider to ensure comfort and privacy. The Love Toilet is a game-changer for couples who want to bond over everything, even the mundane task of using the bathroom.

The Love Toilet was first introduced in 1991, and since then, it has gained immense popularity in Japan and other parts of the world.

The Benefits of Using a Love Toilet

The Love Toilet has several benefits for couples. First and foremost, it allows couples to be together even when using the bathroom, which can be a great way to bond and spend time with each other. Additionally, it is more convenient as it saves time, especially when one person is waiting for the other to finish using the bathroom. The Love Toilet can also be a great way to save water, as both people can use the same toilet bowl, reducing the need for additional flushing.

Furthermore, the Love Toilet can be an excellent solution for couples with limited space in their homes. It eliminates the need for a separate bathroom, and couples can enjoy the convenience of using the same space for multiple purposes.

Using Technology to Find a Love Toilet

As with most things these days, technology can help us find the nearest Love Toilet. Flush the pain of having to be separated from your partner, and use the toilet finder app Lulu to locate a Love Toilet in your area.

Lulu is a toilet finder app that is specifically designed to find bathrooms near you. It provides information about the nearest public toilets and also includes information about the facilities, amenities and images of all available restrooms near you. Additionally Lulu partners with restaurants and lounges to offer semi-private bathrooms on-demand for as little as $0.99, giving you peace of mind when you've got to go!

Lulu lets you filter for any feature you'd like in a restroom, such as a baby tray, wheelchair accessibility, gender neutral or refuge toilets, and even bright lighting! But the currently do not offer a filter for the Love Toilet.

Should Lulu Add a Filter for Love Toilets?

While the Love Toilet is not for everyone, it can be a great solution for couples who want to spend more time together, even when using the bathroom. What do you think, would you use one? Is it too strange? Would you at the very least try it out if it was an available filter?

Watch the commercial below for the Love Toilet to decide for yourself :

A Small Jest Back in 1998, Saturday Night Live created a sketch called the "Love Toilet" that made fun of the idea of a toilet designed for couples. The sketch featured a commercial promoting the Love Toilet as a solution for couples who wanted to be more intimate while using the bathroom. It was pretty funny and showcased the toilet's silly features like two seats, a built-in armrest, and a cup holder.

Despite being a joke, the Love Toilet became really popular and has been referenced in other shows and movies. It's now become a bit of a running gag in comedy. Yep. The Love Toilet sketch was completely made up and not based on any real product. But the idea was so ridiculous and memorable that it's become a part of our culture.

Since the sketch aired, people have tried to make real-life versions of the Love Toilet, but none of them have been as popular as the SNL sketch. It just goes to show how a simple and silly idea can become a beloved part of pop culture. The Love Toilet remains a funny and memorable example of how SNL can take a mundane concept and turn it into something absurd and hilarious. "If they build it, they will come" is what they say right? Maybe we should make our own... let us know if you'd ever try it! In the meantime, try out the Lulu app.


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