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Best Public Bathrooms in NYC

NYC, the greatest city in the world! Except when you need a bathroom. Yes, finding a toilet in NYC has become a problem, we know. It doesn't matter if you are a local or a tourist, finding a restroom in any big city is a struggle.

You can try asking around or beg a store to give you access, but is this something you should really be dealing with while in physical pain?

The hardest, most stressful part of looking for a restroom is also hoping that they have the amenities you need (wheelchair accessible, hello?) and most importantly: feeling safe.

However, you don't have to worry anymore! We're here to help. After all, helping people find clean and accessible toilets is what we do at Lulu.

Let's start by checking out some of the highest-rated free public bathrooms in NYC.

#1 in Uptown: Store Bathroom in West Elm at 1870 West Broadway

Looking for clean, gender-neutral bathrooms? Then the restroom in West Elm might be of interest to you. They have two bathrooms with changing tables that are sanitized after each use. After each use?! Yep, you read that right.

The king of bathrooms, as we like to call it.

By the way, the Lulu app not only shows you public bathrooms but also lets you see what each of them offers before you get there to avoid surprises! Need a changing table? A mirror? Accessibility for a wheelchair? Lulu, like West Elm, has. your. back. But we'll explain more about that later.

#2 Downtown: Store Toilet in Bloomingdale’s at 504 Broadway

Clean, great lightning, and enough stalls so you don't have to worry about waiting in line.

Waiting in line has become a standard for public restrooms in New York City. That's why our Lulu app partners with private restaurants and lounges that are willing to sell you a bathroom pass for as little as $0.99. No waiting, no explanations, and most importantly, no need to consume food or drinks when all you really want is a clean bathroom.

Music, flowers, art, and a cleaning staff. What else can we ask for? This is by far one of the best public bathrooms we have ever been to. The only problem is everyone knows it --- so bring a magazine because you might be waiting up to 35 minutes to access the bathroom during peak days!

#4 Brooklyn: Barnes & Noble at 267 Seventh Ave., Park Slope

Strategically located near a Starbucks so when that coffee does its work (and Starbucks has their bathrooms closed) you have a possible alternative. This bathroom is hit or miss depending on the crowd that it brings in, as the servicing of the location is sometimes delayed for a long time. But, its convenient location and accessibility rank it a little higher than it may sometimes deserve.

#5 Queens: Queens Public Library at Steinway, 21-45 31st St., Ditmars Steinway

Probably one of the most relaxing public bathrooms you can find. What are libraries for anyway if not relaxing...right?

This public bathroom is located inside the library and it's a good option for people with disabilities. If you have a hard time figuring out how to actually get to these restrooms, remember that the Lulu app goes into full detail as to where to navigate when you arrive, and also offers GPS navigation to the restroom.

These are just a few of the most known public bathrooms in NYC. Because of that, they are also often very busy. Lulu is a bathroom app for iPhone or Android that helps you find well...bathrooms. We list more toilets on the app that are just as clean and available to the public.

We also physically vet every location and photograph it, so you can know exactly what you get and where you need to be.

Unfortunately, we know there simply aren't enough public bathrooms available. This is why the Lulu app also offers private bathrooms. What does that mean?

It means we partner with restaurants and lounges to expand what is available to you, while also increasing the quality of your experience.

For as little as $0.99, our restaurant partners give you full access to their facilities, just show the pass and use the bathroom, no explanations are needed!

Many of them also offer special discounts, so if you did want to much on something later - well, now you're getting it for a much better price!

Get yourself peace of mind, knowing that you can see exactly what amenities they offer and their hours of operation. Some of the amenities you can filter for on the app are wheelchair accessible, a baby tray, a full-length mirror, paper towels, liquid soap, or sanitation dispensers to mention a few.

Download the Lulu app now and have a bathroom near you always.


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