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Find a Bathroom Near Me

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We've all been there. You're not alone! As you walk around the city, you realize you need a toilet. Whether you're in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston or any other large metropolis, this is a problem that hits millions of Americans every single day. There simply aren't enough public facilities. What happens next is an endless pain of finding a Starbucks, only to discover their WC is out of order. Walking further to another vendor, only to discover they don't have a toilet - and so continues the loop until you finally spend too much money for a muffin you didn't want to begin with, to use a bathroom that might not even have the amenities you need. That's why we created Lulu.

Lulu is an app for iPhone and Android that helps you find a restroom. But we decided not to stop there. We decided to partner with restaurants and lounges, to offer much more than just public bathrooms. For as little as $0.99, our restaurant partners give you full access to their facilities, no words needed. In addition to that, many of them even offer special discounts, so if you did want that muffin - well, now you're getting it for a much better price! And the public bathrooms we have on the app? All public toilets added on the Lulu app are independently reviewed by our team members. We listed amenities, and hours of operations. Filter for wheelchair accessible, baby tray, full mirror, paper towels, liquid soap and sanitation dispensers. You name it, we got it.

Enough is Enough. We are putting an end to the problem of finding a toilet near you. And we have decided not to wait for a solution to just come along. So, why hold it in? Download the Lulu app today and find a bathroom near you.


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